Fastwitch Fitness, not to be confused with fast twitch fitness, is a team dedicated to your success. And, as a play on words, we’d like to begin our journey by focusing on our company name. No, it’s not something fun we just came up with. Well, it is, but there is meaning behind the name!


Twitch muscles are an integral part of your fitness journey, and understanding every aspect will help you reach your goals. In this article, we’re taking a more in-depth look at twitch muscles and what they do for you.


Twitch muscles

To begin, one should understand the two primary groups of twitch muscles: fast and slow.


  • Fast twitch are the muscles that help with sudden bursts of energy such as jumping, sprinting, weight training, etc.
  • Slow twitch are the muscles that assist with endurance during extended activities like bicycling or hiking.


Fast twitch fitness

As mentioned, fast twitch muscles support sudden bursts of activity. Containing fewer blood vessels than other muscle fibers, fast twitch muscles require intense amounts of “fuel.” This is what is known as anaerobic. Twitch muscles use sources of energy that are already being stored inside of your body – like glucose.

Although twitch muscles are one of two types, this segment is broken down further:


  • Type lla also known as oxidative-glycolytic muscles. This group uses oxygen to create energy. This muscle group typically has a fast recovery and long endurance times.
  • Type llb is known as non oxidative muscles because they don’t rely on oxygen like the former group. Instead, llb depends upon glucose for its energy source. Because of this, these muscles tend to tire quicker than other groups.

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Slow twitch fitness

Then, there are slow twitch muscles which contain an infinite amount of blood vessels. This muscle group is your body’s first go-to as aerobic muscles. Meaning, this group uses oxygen to create energy and will continue functioning so long as you continue to provide air! Of the two groups, slow twitch muscles are better for endurance activities such as:


  • Long distance running
  • Long distance cycling
  • Swimming 
  • Jumping rope
  • General muscle toning exercise or, more commonly, cardio

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Whether you’re focusing on slow or fast twitch, fitness routines are key to a successful journey. At Fastwitch Fitness, our team of certified professionals are here to assist! We take pride in offering our membership above par levels of personalized attention unique to your lifestyle. 


If you’re tired of run of the mill gyms that provide no results, it’s time to give the team at Fastwitch Fitness a call. For more information on our personalized fitness programs and pricing, contact the gym today at (508) 796-5941.