Here at Fastwitch Fitness, we care about your health and wellness goals. That’s why we want to celebrate you during Self-Improvement Month in September at your Worcester gym.

Figuring out where to start during self-improvement month can be tricky if you have yet to set specific goals. The most crucial first step to self-improvement is educating yourself. Try picking up a book on a topic that sparks your interest and learn about the best steps you can take to begin reaching that goal you have in mind! 

Speaking of education, let’s dive in a little further to explain what Self-Improvement Month is all about!


worcester gymWhat is Self-Improvement Month?

Self-Improvement Month is geared towards a time of reflection on the things you’ve accomplished so far this year and regaining focus on reevaluating the goals you want to continue to work on and developing a steadfast game plan to get there. September is the perfect month for this because it marks the end of summer while we transition into the fall and get ready for the new year. Call it the start of a new era, if you will.


Everyone Starts Somewhere

Need some ideas on what kind of goals to set? Let’s start with the basics and discuss two types of goals: short-term and long-term. 

Short-term goals are things you plan to accomplish soon, whether in a day, week, month, or the course of several months. Some short-term goals include learning to cook, reading more, eating healthier, going on daily walks, applying for a job, or writing a resume.

Long-term goals require more planning and time and are usually completed over a year to several years. Long-term goals include things like getting in shape, learning a new language, getting a degree, gaining more experience in your career, and saving money to buy a home.

Short-term goals are important milestones to reach that ultimately get you closer to your long-term goals. At Fastwitch Fitness, we stress the importance of working on your daily fitness goals to help get you towards your end goal, whether it’s gaining more muscle, cutting weight, or just leading a more balanced, healthier lifestyle. 


worcester gymYour Worcester Gym Wants You to Reach Your Full Potential

If one of your goals happens to be getting back in shape, or staying in shape over the winter, join Fastwitch Fitness, your favorite Worcester gym, and let’s work on reaching your fitness goals together! Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in the fitness world, we welcome any individual with the desire and determination to become their healthiest self. Check out some of our featured classes on our website along with our team of professional trainers that are ready to help you start leading a more balanced lifestyle!


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