If you work out with a Worcester Personal Trainer, you already know that recovery is essential for any workout routine at Fastwitch Fitness. Even if you don’t have a personal trainer, we’re sure you’ve heard how helpful recovery is to your workout. Here are some ways to add a recovery routine to your workout. 

fast twitch fitnessStretching

We all know stretching is an integral part of any workout. While the jury is still out on whether stretching is better before or after a workout, it is still a valuable part of any recovery routing. Some ways you can add stretching to your recovery after a workout include doing slow stretches for your entire body, like a downward-facing dog or a simple quad or arm stretch. Stretching after a workout can help calm your nervous systems and cardiovascular system. 

fitness trainersFeed Those Muscles!

You may be surprised to learn that your recovery should include staying hydrated and eating protein and carbs! Trust us. Your muscles will thank you. Staying hydrated and ingesting protein and sodium after any workout is always important for the health of your muscles. Protein replenishes the amino acids needed to repair and build muscle after a workout while staying hydrated throughout the day is always important to help with your body’s recovery. 

fitness trainers near meTake A Day Off From the Gym

Yes, we said it – taking time to recover during the week is always a good idea. If your body is in a constant state of stress (and yes, going to the gym is a stressor on the body, but a good one), it will never fully reach a state of homeostatic balance. This can lead to your body plateauing over time, which means you may not see the results you hope to gain. Listen to your body and give it the break it deserves at least once a week. Use that time to soak in an Epsom salt bath, get a massage, or read that book you’ve been putting off!

gymTrain with Our Worcester Personal Trainer

Looking to get back into the gym? Our personal trainers can help with your wellness goals! Our trainers focus on providing you with attainable wellness goals that fit your daily routine. Let our personal trainers build the perfect plan for your fitness journey and provide support along the way!

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