Setting goals is the easy part. The real work is sticking to them, especially at the gym. Fitness trainers at your local Worcester gym, Fastwitch Fitness, are ready to help you take your goals to the next level. Goals should be realistic, but you can achieve things you might think are impossible!

Here are some steps to bring you closer to your highest fitness potential!


What’s Your Long-Term Goal?

It’s hard to start your fitness journey without an end goal. What do you want to accomplish and succeed at? Do you want to run a marathon? Lose weight? Setting a long-term fitness goal will help you motivate yourself on the days where you might not “be feeling it.”


Plan The In-Between.

Have you decided what your long-term goal is? Great! Now, it’s time to make it a reality. It might take a long time to reach your goal, and it may not. Sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s okay! Setting smaller goals you can use as larger stepping stones along the way is a great way to amp up your motivation.


Realistic Weekly Goals Are Important!

Now it’s down to the micro-level! It’s time to plan out how you want to find time for fitness each week to reach each of your stepping stones. Consider your work/life balance and be realistic with how much time you can dedicate! Schedules are difficult to maintain sometimes, and it’s just essential that you don’t allow yourself to fall off the wagon entirely!


Consider These Training Tips:

  • Make sure to eat healthily. Food fuels your body!
  • Learn the basics of how to build muscle.
  • Don’t go too hard, too fast. Slowly work your way up to heavier weights.
  • Focus on having a good form. This reduces your risk of injury.
  • Change it up! Sometimes, you might need to switch up a routine to keep getting results.
  • Hire fitness trainers to help you stay on track and plan a perfect workout!

Fastwitch Fitness: The Best Fitness Trainers in Worcester, MA.

Conveniently in Worcester, MA, Fastwitch Fitness is ready to provide you with a customized workout plan and safe 24/7 gym access to prepare for your workout journey! Our fitness trainers are here to help you learn how to safely use equipment, find a workout plan that works for you, and get fit!


Making excuses doesn’t burn any calories! For more information, give us a call at (508) 796-5941 today!