With the new year fast approaching, ‘tis the season for setting personal goals. From trendy boutique studios to mass-marketed gyms, the options can be overwhelming when starting the journey. However, now that you’ve found Fastwitch Fitness, the search is over. From personal trainers to the most innovative classes that provide the solutions you desire, we are the start of a new beginning.


Personal Trainers.


You’ve heard of them, but maybe you’ve been hesitant to invest in one. Whether you believe trainers are too expensive for your budget or geared towards those far into their wellness journey, now is the time to rethink everything you once thought. Beyond the extensive industry experience our trainers provide, our club brings an innovative approach and way of thinking to achieve your goals. Not only will our trainers help you reach your fitness goals, but we’ll also help you understand how to get there.  


Here’s a look at what you can expect when investing your time with our team at Fastwitch Fitness.


Personal trainers that understand your unique needs.

When training with us, you’ll be training with an experienced team that understands everyone is different. Our trainers take the time to listen and create individualized plans that will help you achieve your goals. One size fits all just doesn’t fit the bill here at Fastwitch Fitness.


And, yes, trainers are more affordable than you may think.

If you’re like most people, the cost of a one-on-one personal trainer may be a bit out of reach. 

That’s why our gym provides options. From individual to group and couples training, we have the various resources needed to meet your budget. Heck, we even offer an online group training session!


personal trainers


Accountability equals results.

Working in a group session often provides the accountability many need to push through. With group support, your wellness journey takes place in a setting that promotes encouragement and accountability. When one person is a no-show from a group of three, you’re missed! Sometimes knowing that is all you need to stick to the plan, unlike big gyms where you tend to go unnoticed.


Start the new year off on the right foot with the personal trainers from Fastwitch Fitness. No matter which session you embark on, we provide the multi-level tools needed to reach your calls. Contact our gym today and let our experts help you pave the way to success.


Fastwitch Fitness is located at 386 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest happenings and specials.