Something great about incorporating a kettlebell workout into your training routine is that they are an excellent choice at home or in the gym! If you’re looking for something new that can get your heart rate up, a kettlebell workout maybe for you!

Fastwitch Fitness is here to help you build a customized plan that works for you and keeps you feeling motivated and strong. But, before you hit the gym, take a look at these kettlebell mistakes that you should avoid making!


Rounding your back

Rounding your back while performing a kettlebell swing or other exercise is a no-go! This habit should be avoided and corrected as it can injure your lower back. First, keep your chest tall pointed out. Second, pretend like there is a stick or board against your back– keep it straight!


Squatting the swing

You don’t want to be squatting down during a kettlebell swing. Instead, you should be hinging at your hips, similar to a deadlift. You want your behind to be pointing out, not down! It’s not necessarily a natural movement but is imperative to limit the risk of injury.


Your stance is too wide

Don’t overextend your stance when you are using kettlebells! There is a lot of active motion involved, and it can leave areas of your hips, knees, and back vulnerable to injury. The best way to avoid a wide stance is by remembering to keep your feet at hip-width apart.


The kettlebell is too light or too heavy

Kettlebells use a lot of muscles at once. With many muscles activated, you can lift a lot more weight effectively! Women should start with an 8kg, and men should start with a 12 kg kettlebell. Similarly, if a kettlebell is too heavy, it takes a significant toll on the tendons and ligaments. Make sure the equipment used is right for you.


Improper footwear

You should not wear running shoes for this activity. Running shoes can raise your heel and move your knees during critical movements, resulting in a possible knee injury. Kettlebell exercises should be performed in flat-soled training shoes or barefoot.


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