If you’ve done any research into fitness and exercise, you’ve probably come across the terms “fast-twitch” and “slow-twitch” muscles. At Fastwitch Fitness, we want to give you a great place to work out and give you the resources you need to craft your best workout routine. Here is a brief overview of the difference between fast twitch and slow twitch muscles and the benefits of fast twitch fitness.

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Fast twitch muscles

Your muscles are made up of muscle fibers. Not all muscle fibers are the same, and they perform different functions. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are larger and have fewer capillaries, myoglobin, and mitochondria, which means they fatigue faster. As you might expect from their name, you use your fast twitch muscle fibers for faster and more intense movements. Finally, due to the larger nature of fast twitch muscle fibers, they move with greater and quicker force.

Slow twitch muscles

Your slow twitch muscles fibers are for activities that require stamina. They have higher concentrations of myoglobin and mitochondria. Additionally, they are surrounded by more capillaries than fast twitch muscle fibers and, therefore, fatigue slower. Slow twitch muscle fibers are used for endurance activities. These activities include marathons, running, biking, swimming, tennis, or basketball.

Fast twitch fitness

In addition, if your preferred type of workout includes any activities that require quick movements rather than endurance, you’ll want to build up your fast twitch muscle fibers. Activities that engage fast twitch muscle fibers are sprinting, powerlifting, strength and agility training, high-intensity cycling, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Any activity that needs a short burst of energy will engage your fast twitch muscle fibers.

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Fast twitch fibers

If you find that you have a hard time burning fat or losing weight you may need to re-evaluate your workouts. By only doing endurance workouts like running or biking, the solution may be to engage your fast twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch muscle fibers burn more calories in less time than slow twitch fibers. Additionally, it helps build muscle mass. This has the added benefit of lowering blood pressure and improving strength and balance. Fast twitch fibers need to use more of the stored glucose in your body and release fat-burning hormones, which continue to work in your body and burn fat for up to eight hours after you finish working out.

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