Are you looking to get stronger? There are many different ways to look at strength and athletic ability. Have you ever wondered how different types of muscle fibers affect training? Fast twitch fitness training focuses on building the fibers necessary for enhancing your anaerobic power. Let’s take a look at how it can help push your training to a whole new level.

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What makes up muscles?


Each muscle group in your body consists of bundles of tiny fibers. Every one of the fiber groups are combined into fascicles which are then bundled together again! Each of these bundles makes up your various muscle groups, such as your biceps or triceps. Thus, each movement is made from each of the little fibers working together.


This is where fast-twitch muscle groups come into play. These fibers are the largest and most powerful in the body, making it possible to store a lot of energy. They’re the ideal groups to focus on if you’re looking for increased performance in sprinting or powerlifting.


Fast twitch fibers


There are two main types of fast twitch fibers, IIa and IIb. Let’s start with the IIa type. They can house and use a large amount of oxygen and glucose for energy and performance. So they can combat fatigue and force when compared to slow twitch muscle fibers.


Now IIb muscle fibers rely solely on glucose for energy. You won’t find this group using any oxygen when trying to keep up with your workout routine. While IIb muscles are larger than other muscle groups, they will tire faster because of the energy type burned.


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Adding in fast twitch fitness routines


The best way to increase your fast twitch fitness is to add lots of variety to your workout routine. Try new workout plans or routines that you normally do not in order to move your body in new ways. Therefore, you can start building up those fibers you don’t normally use!

Focus on these three things: more strength training, sprints or agility training, and plyometric training (like burpees or lunges).


Start your journey today


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