Let’s face it; everyone has a “day” here and there. Whether you are feeling low on energy, overworked, or stressed, less than perfect days happen. And, when they do arise, keeping on track can seem difficult – especially when it comes to your workout routine. However, as the top Worcester gym, our team from Fastwitch Fitness is here to tell you that these days are the perfect days to visit.

Yes, your worst days can sometimes be your best workout days. Here’s why.


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First, let’s talk about the days filled with a serious lack of motivation and energy. Chances are, these days are also some of the most boring or some of the most stressful days. For the sake of this article, let’s assume your day was long. Sitting at the office, dealing with the ins and outs, and possibly staring at a computer screen all day can do a number on your body. Just like overexerting yourself, not doing enough drains you. You leave feeling wiped and want to continue, well, doing nothing. 

Don’t do it. Snap out of it and get moving. You’ll feel better after, we promise!


Likewise, high stress days filled with anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed are perfectly suited for a trip to your favorite Worcester gym! Be sure to take your workout to the next level on these types of days. By pushing yourself, you reposition your mind to focus on what matters most – you – and forget about the other things that are bringing you down. At the end of the workout those thoughts may still be lingering, but they will be back burnered allowing you to move forward in a better mental state.


Even good days can get better with a trip to your favorite Worcester Gym, Fastwitch Fitness!


So far we’ve discussed the less than ideal days and how the gym can help turn things around. So, now it’s time to talk about the good days because these count too! When spirits are high, workouts are great! Any type of physical activity releases endorphins within the body. When you’re already feeling great and you add a little happiness to your mood, the sky is truly the limit!


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At Fastwitch Fitness we take pride in helping our members take their workouts to the next level. Whether you’re having a great day or a horrible one, be sure never to skip a workout. We promise, you’ll be glad you stopped in!